My Story

Hey folks! My name is Kameron Trumbo and I started my medical transition in November 2016 (at the age of 35).  A few months into my transition I was sharing videos and photos on an audio podcast called, "Trans SWAG" as well as on YouTube and Instagram. I've simply shared my story and experiences, and folks frequently reach out to ask me questions. Which I'm always happy to answer. It's been incredible sharing my life with ya'll on the good 'ol internet. 

Since starting testosterone in November 2016, I've had top surgery, a hysterectomy, Stages 1-3 of RFF Phalloplasty. 

I hope I can help you at some point in your journey! 


"I simply want to help other trans masculine folks by sharing my own journey. It's my way to pay-it-forward as so many trans guys helped me when I started my journey in late 2016." 


If you're struggling with your transition, have questions, need advice, and/or simply want a brother who you can talk to, who will listen and offer advice, I'm HERE FOR YOU. 

For only $15 for a 30 minute session, reach out and let's chat and I will do everything in my ability to help you.